Love Gun LP and Conan Comics

c0tikcuuoaa41g1-jpg-largeI am eight years old again.  Tonight, December 28, 2016, I am listening to KISS’s 1977 Love Gun while reading my 1978-79 Conan the Barbarian comic books.  I am returned to my bedroom in Decatur, Mississippi, and hear Ace sing “Shock Me” on my Realistic turntable through my shitty Hitachi receiver and shittier Realistic bookshelf speakers.  I am sitting on the floor by the heater vent reading of Conan’s exploit with a white-haired 15327468_10207280113472974_7731009640782178425_nwitch from the North country with large breasts bulging from an iron bra.  I take a break and stare into the fantasy art of Ken Kelly’s Love Gun cover.  I want to be Space Ace; the Demon scares the living hell out of me; and the Star Child makes my penis feel even smaller.  I’m warm and cozy.  Jimmy Carter is president and there ain’t shit on ABC, NBC, or CBS on a Friday night.

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