The Life You Save

The Life You Save cover 1400 300dpi“a genre-defining album, displaying a marvellous blend of experimentation, songwriting expertise, and plain rocking.” — Metal Horizons

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Time Lord’s Top 10 Prog Albums of 2019 . . . The Life You Save, is a short but stunning concept album with a highly compelling story about physical and spiritual abuse. Its high impact hard rock is established with perfect guitar riffs and a Southern metal idiom. . . . the definitive articulation here is the undeniable power of rock and roll within the economy of real salvation. — Top 10 Prog Albums of 2019, Progarchy

The Life You Save . . . has potential to be one of the best releases to come out in 2019. . . . one of those rare musical efforts that manage to sound like very little else. With derivative acts a dime a dozen on the current music scene, listening to such an album can be an exhilarating experience.” — Rocking Charts

“[The concept] sounds crazy, but . . . it works. Musically, it is reasonably diverse.  You can hear quite a few nods to other artists including The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Kansas and Rush.” — Tom Cornell, Decibel Geek

“The riffs are melodic and heavy, guitar solos are executed flawlessly. The term ‘virtuosity’ has been a synonym for progressive rock for a while, but this release is focused on melody over the technicality.” — Progstravaganza

The Life You Save is an affair that is always interesting and spell-binding . . . the music grabs, holds, and doesn’t let go.” — Path to Babylon

Whiteside’s Daughter

Rooted deeply in the southern United States, Whiteside’s Daughter is the brainchild of musician and English professor, Steve Deaton. Drawing from a wide range of influences—including 70’s prog, Scandinavian metal, Southern rock, the Who, and the Southern Gothic literary tradition—the band’s debut, The Life You Save, is a full-length concept album about the gay son of a Pentecostal preacher. About the album Deaton remarks, “Nothing shows the grotesque absurdities and dark taboos of Southern Gothic better than hellfire revival preaching,” and he considers the album “a not-so-subtle commentary on the horrible doctrine of eternal damnation.” Joined by fellow Mississippians, vocalist Stephen Poff and drummer Brian Hughley, Deaton handles guitar, bass, keys, and some vocals. These three musicians have a broad background of musical experience—everything from college math rock to power pop to alt-country—and this informs the eclectic musical blend that surfaces in the band’s debut. They have been described as Southern Gothic Heavy Prog—“Sabbath and Crimson meet Molly Hatchet and William Faulkner.”

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